Phoebe Giannisi


Born in Athens. Poet. Architect (NTU Athens). PhD on Archaic Greek Poetics- Poetry and Architecture (Universite Lyon II- Lumière). Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Thessaly. Lives in Volos, Greece. A Humanities Fellow at Columbia University (2016).

Her work lies at the border between poetry, performance, theory, and installation, investigating the connections between language, voice, and writing with body, place, and memory. Selected group exhibitions include Guggenheim New York (2013), the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark (2011), Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (2010), the Lyon Biennale (2009). In 2010 she was co-curator for the Greek Pavilion of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) (greek ark). In 2012-13, her poetic video/sound installation, TETTIX, was exhibited at the Museum of National Art (EMST), Athens, and in 2015, she did the installation AIGAI_O: THE SONGS, (together with Iris Lycourioti). In 2016 she performed the lecture/performance Nomos_The Land Song in New York. 

theory books

Classical Greek Architecture: The invention of the modernity (Flammarion, 2004) 
Récits des Voies. Chant et Cheminement en Grèce archaïque (Jérôme Millon, 2006) 


ΑΧΙΝΟΙ (Sea Urchins) (1995) 
ΡΑΜΑΖΑΝΙ (Ramazan) (1997)
ΘΗΛΙΕΣ (Loops) (2005) 
ΟΜΗΡΙΚΑ (Homerica) (2009)

Homerika, translated by Dirk Uwe Hansen, (2016)

ΤΕΤΤΙΞ (Tettix) (2012)

ΡΑΨΩΔΙΑ (Rhapsody) (2016)