Professor: Phoebe Giannisi

University of Thessaly

Department of Architecture




The course is an introduction to the Poetics of Space. Subjects to be discussed : the space of texts and the space of reading, the space of metaphors and metonymy, the space of memory and the self, the space of habitation and landscape, the space and identity of a person, as it is read and created in script. Furthermore, a central subject is the relationship of space and text as embodied in a reading performance, where reading is viewed as an in situ performance,where the reading voice is relevant to the environment as moment, place, location and weather.  


Course layout: Lectures, where texts concerning the description and production of space through the word, are read and commented on. Presentation of theoretic texts on poetics and their analysis using specific examples in literature. Discussions, in the form of a seminar, of texts selected by the students. The students must turn in a project done individually, which includes the written project of the whole year and a video of the student presenting this project inside a public space of the city. Exercise in written expression as a research tool for imprinting, registering, analyzing, designing, and creating space through language.


Every year a reading performance in public places of the city is organized. In 2010 when the general subject was the sea, the readings where held inside the bus of the line Volos_Platanidia. On the way back, we stepped down the bus and headed towards Anavros beach where the student Mehdi Salehi coming as refugee from Afghanistan has read poems towards the sea and his land and dispersed farsi letters on the sand.