Poetic performance in the context of  «ΜΕΤΑ_ΣΥΝΟΡΑ /  POST_BORDERS», curated by Vassilis Amanatidis, Venue: Labattoir, Thessaloniki 9-12-2018. 

Songs about Kids or Kids, Young Goats, as Songs: Whilst "kids" most common meaning is "children" it has also the meaning of a "young goats". The Greek word Τραγούδια means in modern Greek "songs", but it originates from "tragedy: the song of the goat" and it can also have the meaning of "small goats".

This performance spins around the mother relation in between a female Goat/Chimera and her kids, as songs, nomadism and is based on the use of the Aigis I(inscribed garment/parchment, goat's skin) and Aigis III (inscribed garment, paper) made especially for this reading.

Performance Photos: Xenokratis Costatos. Aigis III Photo: Phoebe Giannisi



Songs: Kids from 1.11.51'-1.22.10'