Designed by Iris Lycouriotis with Phoebe Giannisi.

Made by Sevanstiana Konstaki.

By Hear Apparatus is a garment for Reading Aloud Poetry.

It has been made as a response to Jacques' Derrida text "Che cosa e la poesia", where poetry is vewed as something that can be done only "by heart", having a double meaning in french, meaning "by heart", memorizing, and "coming from the heart".

For who wears the garment "the heart" is meant as both "heart" and "female breast".

At the same time the object wants to remind of the cicada which is leaving behind him at the beginning of the summer its shell in order to become adult and thus sprout wings and finally sing. 

"The By Heart Apparatus is a uniform for poets and, like a wearable lectern, allows them to place sheets of paper on a surface extending from their chest. Because of its semi-transparent material By Heart Apparatus reminds of a cicada nymph shed skin and, because of its shape, transforms the poet into a winged insect. This conceptual uniform counter proposes a reading “from the heart” to the practice of memorizing a text “by heart” by allowing the wearer to literary read a text from an extension of his/her chest." — Stamatis Schizakis