Tettix, manuscripts, Gavrielidis Editions, Athens, 2012.

This publication is organized in double pages format, each of them under a theme that coexists with the others. Their content is a collection of ancient and other texts written on the main column, combined with new poems by Phoebe Giannisi that appear on the side, as commentaries. The titles of these units are:

Locus, Physis/Metamorphosis, Pteros, Desire/Sleep, Fig/Pleasure, Ares/Archilochus, Summer/Voice, Singing Voice, Writing/Tomb.

They follow the life cycle of the cidada and extend to other metaphoric connections that have to do with love, voice and writing, location and summer as conditions for desire. 

Part of it has been published translated in English by Konstantinos Matsoukas at Trafika/Europe 9/10 (2016)